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Employing of foreigners in Austria (Business)

What to do when a company wants to hire foreigners for their Austrian location, whether temporary or permanent, whether from EU member states or 3rd country nationals?

Your ERVICo-Team will help you!

Hiring expats from abroad

Your company finally succeeded in finding urgently needed professionals from abroad or needs to establish a planned intra-corporate transfer? What to do now? How to manage the process and bring them here? Your company does not have the Know-how or not enough personnel capacities to safely manage the process, how to get the necessary work and residence permits (e.g. Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte)? You would like to avoid delays or even unsuccessful migration processes? ERVICo can be your reliable relocation partner on your side and make sure you can reach the desired target.

Your company needs specific experts, which can hardly be found on the Austrian Labour market? Whether workers with very high qualifications, skilled workers in defined shortage professions or other specific needs, that cannot be sufficiently satisfied from the Austrian market – together with well established HR Recruiters, ERVICo can support finding those experts from abroad and make sure the administrative requirements from the side of the authorities are met.

We analyze the situation, select the suitable residence and work permits and guide you through the migration process and make sure that all process requirements are met, this way we are able to maximize the success rate for you.

We remarkably relieve your HR department from unusual and administrative work or even help compensating a lack of knowledge in this field.

Check out our service performance at fair prices. Register and contact us for further assistance!

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