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An Expatriate Package may vary remarkably depending on the respective needs of the company. Very often it will be a compilation of different services provided for individuals, as expatriates have usually the same or at least similar needs than other private migrants (for a detailed overview over services for individuals refer to Private Packages, Relocation Package and Migration Package in the registered area or contact us).

However, particular companies may face some very individual or even unique challenges in the management of their migration process for expatriates, which they want to have solved by an external partner. This is why a service overview on the Homepage can not replace a personal appointment to clarify the specific needs of the respective company.

Expatriate Package
for corporations that want to outsource their relocation process for expatriates to a professional partner managing this process / for an improved efficiency and process speed / for relieving the responsible HR and the applicant from extra-ordinary task

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Note: Individuals who need assistance in establishing a company in Austria – please refer to Private Packages – Enterprise Package

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