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History and emergence of ERVICo

ERVICo was founded by Christian Dopplmair in 2020. However, the concept has been in development for a substantial period as a result of first hand experience with the migration process.

Being an Expatriate himself for nearly 10 years, Christian knows very well what kind of support is essential in the course of a migration process. Not only in advance of a planned migration (e.g. for getting the relevant migration titles, above all the Red-White-Red-Card), but also in the first years after a successful migration, in order to achieve a best possible integration. This way it can be ensured that the expenditure of time or even the psychological stress associated with migration is not at the expense of the professional commitment. Finally this allows the expatriates to concentrate on their designated work tasks, which has to take priority, and even more so at the beginning. Today, ERVICo’s customers may benefit from Christian’s knowledge and experience of living abroad.

While working as a Managing Director for a multinational company in four different countries, Christian met his future partner Ching, who was living in Hong Kong at that time. You could say Ching became Christian’s first customer in 2017. Till now Christian has helped numerous other migrants come to Austria, which has ultimately led to the establishment of ERVICo. While the original activities had a strong focus on clients from Hong Kong, ERVICo is now an international business which is able to partner with clients from across the globe.

Being aware that the migration process can be complicated, sometimes even frustrating and time consuming, even with the support of a HR department aiding the relocation process, it can be a relief to be able to rely on an experienced, persistent and diligent external partner, caring for the success of the migration process, whether it be for a business expatriate or a private individual.

The Founder

Mag. Christian Dopplmair

Mag. Christian Dopplmair


Christian Dopplmair graduated as Master of Social and Economic Sciences from University of Economy, Vienna in 1997. 

After spending a couple of years as a sales promotor at one of Austria’s  intercompany pension funds, Christian was hired at a well known Austrian technology company in 2002, one of the biggest Austrian corporations with numerous international locations and production sites worldwide. He stayed there for more than 15 years, holding different management functions over the years. His most recent position in the company took him abroad for almost 10 years with the responsibility of Managing Director of sales companies in different countries. 

After returning to Austria in 2017 Christian took advantage of an interim job at a Swiss Powder Coating Corporation with the responsibility of Head of Sales for South East Europe.

After developing the concept for ERVICo and further supporting migrants to come to Austria, Christian finally established the company in 2020.

Ching Wong


“Growing up in Hong Kong was an amazing experience, as a global hub I had the opportunities to meet and later in life work with people from all over the world. A couple of years ago I decided to relocate my life to Europe. However, there were a lot of complications that endured during this arduouss process, I guess, those obtstacles also encouraged Christian to take a final decision on the establishment of ERVICo. Today, Christian and I are committed to helping you through the complicated process. With our combined knowledge and experience we aim to ease the pain of this transition for you.”


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For private customers

the motivation for migrating can be very different. On the one hand there might be some positive motivations like adventure, excitement or personal/professional development, on the other hand there are reasons, such as political or religious, that rather force individuals to leave their home country.

However, the transition to a new culture or society is not always immediate and smooth, typically there are teething problems and a period of disorientation as the environment is so different. 

This is the reason why it is necessary to proceed very carefully in the cooperation with migrating individuals. As the transition process will not automatically succeed, the process needs to be managed. For this reason it may be advantageous to have a business partner by your side who knows how it feels to have moved abroad and which actions should be taken to become comfortable in a new culture and society (apart from the rather standardized procedures to get the necessary residence titles). 

The target is always to make migrating people happy again, reaching their goal of migrating to a specific country and fulfilling the mostly very individual or even unique preferences of each customer, helping them to happily integrate into their new world.

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For business customers

the target for business customers is not significantly different, as happy migrants usually start to perform much quicker. This way they are able to take over their designated responsibilities much quicker and with less friction.

Apart from that very important goal, the relief of these complex and atypical projects from a  busy HR department is a significant plus. The outsourcing of this process to specialized organizations like ERVICo allow the embedding of these processes into a standardized procedure, this way helping to improve the efficiency and speed of the process. 

But also the expatriates themselves (who might even be coming from a completely different culture, not knowing the usual procedures in the new country and sometimes not even the local language) shall be relieved from unnecessary responsibilities within their migration process, this way enabling them to concentrate on their designated task from the very beginning. 

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