A stress-free move to Austria thanks to careful preparation and expertise

Moving can feel like a mammoth task, especially if it takes you across international borders. But with the right planning, organization and support, your move to Austria can be smooth and even enjoyable. Here are some practical tips that you should bear in mind when preparing.

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Early planning reduces chaos

Every successful move starts with a well-thought-out checklist. Such a list serves as your guide through the moving process by listing all the necessary tasks and ensuring that nothing is forgotten.
Even seemingly insignificant tasks such as updating your address with banks and insurance companies should be a top priority. Even if it seems trivial, this can make a significant contribution to ensuring that important mail reaches you in your new home.

Drawing up a schedule is another essential step in planning your move. A well-structured schedule gives you a clear idea of when each task should be completed and helps to avoid delays and last-minute stress. By building in buffers for unexpected events, you remain flexible and ready to counteract any obstacles.

Customs regulations and taxes: the unexpected often happens

If your move takes you from a non-EU country to Austria, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the customs regulations.

Relocation goods that you have owned for at least six months can generally be imported into Austria duty-free. This applies first and foremost to consumer goods that you use in your daily life.

But be careful: Before you start packing your suitcase, you must submit a detailed list of all the items you want to take with you to customs. This process may seem tedious, but it is essential to ensure that you comply with all regulations.

While many of your personal items can likely be imported duty free, there are certain items that may still be subject to tax. This includes, for example, alcohol and tobacco, as well as all items that you have recently purchased.

Organizing, packing and labeling

Moving not only means a change of space, but often also an opportunity to take a critical look at your possessions. Every additional item you take with you means an increase in weight and therefore in the cost of the move. It is therefore wise to
ask: What is really necessary for my new life in Austria? Are there any items that I could sell, donate or even dispose of?

Careful and considered handling of your belongings before the move helps to create clarity and organize the move efficiently. Cleverly organized and packed possessions not only make the transport process easier, but also the arrival and departure of the goods.
Settling into the new home.

Carefully labeling the boxes according to contents and room is a useful strategy. This allows you to keep an overview and speed up the process of unpacking and setting up.

Sharing the load: Outsourcing as the key to a stress-free move

So that you can concentrate on more important aspects of your move, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional transportation company. Instead of hiring a van yourself and carrying heavy loads, you can leave the tedious work to professionals.

However, choosing the right removal company should be done carefully and on the basis of a few important criteria:

  • Certifications and licenses: A qualified moving company should be able to show certifications and licenses that confirm its competence and compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Insurance cover: Check whether the company has sufficient insurance to protect your goods against loss or damage during transportation. Make sure you understand the scope of the cover and that it is sufficient to cover the value of your goods.
  • Estimate: A professional moving company should be able to give you a detailed and realistic estimate that includes all possible costs. It is advisable to obtain quotes from several companies and compare them carefully.

With the right support, your move to Austria can not only be stress-free, but also efficient and successful. A qualified moving company can not only help you navigate the logistical challenges of moving, but also help you navigate Austrian customs regulations and avoid potential obstacles.

Your move to Austria doesn’t have to be a stressful process. With careful planning, a clear understanding of regulatory requirements and the support of a professional moving company, your move can be an exciting new adventure. So, pack your bags and get ready to welcome beautiful Austria!

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Valentin Ödemis

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