The Nordburgenland is one of 3 parts of the province of Burgenland, it boasts the famous Neusiedler See and the Pannonian plain. The Neusiedler See is fantastic for Wind- and Kite Surfing or Sailing because of the incredibly good wind conditions that are similar to the seaside. However, those who intend to have a refreshing bath might be disappointed: first, the lake is quite warm (in summertime up to 30 degrees) and second, it is a so called “Steppen-lake”, which means it is not deeper than around one meter – even in the middle of this huge lake. Nevertheless it is perfect for migrating birds breeding in the region – and thus protected as a UNESCO world heritage. Nice locations to visit are the capital Eisenstadt as well as the delightful, small town Rust. It is a perfect place for cycling or visiting a thermal resort!

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