The Mittelburgenland is one of 3 regions of the most eastern province, the Burgenland. Whereas the Nordburgenland is completely flat, the 2 other parts have gentle hillsides. The Burgenland is the youngest of all provinces, until 1920 it belonged to Hungary. Because of its climate and the amount of daily sun hours the whole of Burgenland is an excellent wine region, without a doubt the best region for red wine in Austria. Because of its loamy soils the Mittelburgenland is famous for the red wine grape “Blaufränkisch”. Hot Spots for viticulture are e.g. Horitschon or Deutschkreutz. The Burgenland is also part of an ancient, transdanubian volcanic region, which explains the large number of thermal resorts – in Mittelburgenland there is Europe’s leading thermal bath for babies and small kids, Bad Lutzmannsburg. Perfect for wine lovers who like to relax in thermal baths or biking tours.

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